Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yard sale

We are having the yard sale of all yard sales tomorrow and Saturday. If you live in or near Kansas City, come by and browse. We have furniture, and tons of clothes (maternity, adult, children, babies---both genders, ridiculous amount of shoes, etc).

The money we make on this sale will go toward our massive travel expenses to Ethiopia. It will only get us started, but I guess one must start at the beginning ("a very good place to start!").

I had a moment of "Mendy" tonight. That is when Wendy leaves the building and another person overtakes her body. I hit a wall with the overwhelming task of getting rid of the stuff we've acquired over the past 10 years. It's really quite embarrassing to look at all the stuff. I hope we can get rid of even a fraction of it and take the rest elsewhere. We consider ourselves non-hoarders, but by the looks of the garage tonight, I'm wondering......

A yard sale creates a happy state of mind, to some extent. It is a walk down memory lane. For me, it's not easy to sell clothes. It's not the monetary value of them; it's just the fact that so many of my maternity and baby clothes brought such JOY to my life. I thought tonight about how much JOY they will bring someone else.

I look forward to seeing the response we get at this, our first yard sale. It would be great to raise $500.....we'll have to wait and see!

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  1. It is really embarassing for us too. We want to have one more garage sale to try to get rid of ours. I rarely will open the garage now becasue I am embarassed by all of the STUFF in there.