Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Court update

Ethiopian court. What an experience. I can't wait to share it with you all sometime.

Long story short:

We gave our consent to the adoption. The judge told us they are waiting on one more piece of paperwork from Jude's regional government. They will get it soon and the judge told us we will finalize our adoption on November 4. We do not have to stay until then. It can be finalized without us, since we appeared in court and gave our consent in person.

Fun fact: We never dreamed of getting a son for our 11 year wedding anniversary. Can't top that, right?!

Thanks for all the continued prayers and support. We will be leaving tomorrow night. Prayers for safe travels once more, please.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Big day

2 big deals today:

~We went to orientation where we learned how to pass court in a foreign country

~We changed Jude's diaper.

We are well-pleased with our day.

If you think about it before you go to bed tonight, please say a little prayer for our court hearing tomorrow. It will be fine, but there is paperwork that could come together tomorrow and we are praying for just that. Chances are that it won't all be pulled together until a week or two after we go to court, but it's always worth praying for. The sooner we pass court, the sooner he is in his bedroom in Kansas City and my heart can be all in one place at the same time.

Thanks and love to you all~


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Quick update

Friends and family:

This post will do no justice to the time we've spent so far, but I need to take advantage of the very fickle internet connection and bring you up-to-speed.

Flights were awesome. Thank you for praying.

Evan has just become a little Ethiopian. People here love him. The girls hug him and kiss his cheek anytime they can. I am not kidding. It's hilarious.

The food is different. We have enjoyed the authentic Ethiopian eating experiences we've had, but we do look forward to an iced tea and some fried chicken. Actually, iced anything would be great.

The scenery is different from what I expected. I'm not really even sure what I expected. I don't think I made it that far in my head. It's hard to explain in words. You'll just have to see my pictures when we return home. Just picture a lot of sheet-metal homes that have 9+ kids and only a mom inside.

The sights we've seen and the places we've gone in just a short 3 days have covered such an expansive realm of Ethiopia. It's a lot to take in. We are so thankful to get to be here. We hope to get out into the countryside sometime on this trip, but we're not sure if it's gonna happen.

We have been inspired by the attitudes the Ethiopians have. They are happy, welcoming people. I'm wondering what they think of us.....

We met Jude on Friday. It was a time that will never leave our memory and I will write about it more in detail another day. For now, I will share that he was confused and sad at first, but then warmed up to us and we had an exceedingly joyful time together. He was littler than I expected, but a healthy size. He has a cough, so will you please add that to your prayers? No momma likes her babies to be sick, especially when she has to leave him across the ocean in a few days. To those who've seen pictures of him: I know you think I'm lying. He is cuter in person that he is in a picture. It is just unreal to me how God can create such a beautiful boy. I have to figure out how I want to share our first meeting and write about it later~

We get to go hang out with him again tomorrow for a couple hours and then we have our big day in court on Tuesday.

We love you all and we are ever thankful for your loving words and prayers lifted up in our behalf. They are needed and appreciated. Keep 'em coming.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On our way

The day has finally come.

Rewind back to Dec. 3, 2009, and you see 2 exceedingly joyful people who heard and accepted the call to adopt one or more children from somewhere, anywhere.

Fast forward through the paperwork, the questions, the funds, the seemingly never-ending wait, and you find us here today, with plane tickets and passports in hand and 1,000 emotions swirling.

Friends and family, you will never know the depth of our appreciation of love and support you've so willingly offered over the past 2 years. I've been in awe countless times with people who've showed up at our door with large sums of money and others who've offered such sweet words of encouragement that came unexpected. God is so good. Jason and I have had front row seats in this journey, and how we wish you all could see the affect this little 8-month-old orphan baby boy in a foreign land is having on complete strangers! God makes all things new and He brings life to where there was none.

Some have asked for a list of prayer requests. Here it is:

1. Timeline:
~Flight to DC tonight at 5:30 KC time
~Flight to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Wednesday at 10:15AM KC time
~Arrive in Addis 11:15PM KC time
~Meet Jude Friday, 2:00 AM KC time
~Court hearing Tuesday, 1:15AM KC time (Please pray that we pass this first time. We are ready to hear that judge say "He's all your's!")
~Flight to DC Thursday, the 27th, at 2:30PM KC time
~Flight to KC Friday, the 28th, at 3:57, KC time, arrive home at 6:34PM

2. Strength and general health.
Jason is currently fighting a cold and Evan seems to be on the edge of one as well. Our bodies will be tired and we need all the prayer for Divine strength and wellness.

3. Jude
Please pray that our time together is blessed with peace and joy. I pray that God shows Himself in those meetings we have together over the next week. Please pray for Jude's heart as he is going to be confused about the goings-on. This is only the beginning. Pray that God prepares his little heart to join our family. The heart-break for him will be when we go back in a few months to bring him home. Let's start praying now.

4. Jude's birth family
Please pray for their hearts. God sees their pain and their suffering and we want to lift them up to Him.

5. Jude's nanny
Please pray that she continues to show love to Jude. Pray that her heart, as well, can mend after he comes home in a few months.

6. Evan
Please pray that he will be able to take this trip in and keep it in his heart where he never forgets. We are praying that God uses this trip to impact Evan's life for Him.

7. Claire and Sophie
Please pray for health and general safety as they are away from us. We are praying that they feel comforted when they are confused about the length of this trip and those caring for them can cover them with love and grace.

8. Reflection
Please pray that others will see the reflection of this worldly adoption as a metaphor for God's adoption of us.

9. Gratitude
We are carrying a spirit of thankfulness in the way God has been sovereign over this adoption. It doesn't look now what it looked like at the beginning, and we are thankful that He has brought it to this place.

We are going to do our best to keep you informed via facebook and/or the blog. Thank you for continuing to pray and email with support.