Sunday, May 16, 2010

1st Annual 5K benefitting the Wilma Cook House of Hope

It's hard to count the victories accomplished yesterday morning at our 1st annual 5K benefitting the Wilma Cook House of Hope with the Global Orphan Project.

The most notable victory was the fact that we had so many friends and family who came to support our cause. Your presence was a huge statement to the world that this work matters.

Penny: A HUGE thank you to you. Without your hard work for the past several months, this would have never happened. The way you have cared for and nurtured this event has been pure delight for me. Mandy Sharp: A special thank you to you. The fact that you were with us on this big day meant the world to me and your help was invaluable. One hundred thank-you's to everyone else who pitched in to help, whether big or small!

The second most notable victory was the weather~~~all week the weather forecasters predicted heavy rain/t-storms and 50ish degrees. It was a beautiful morning, of 60 degrees and NO RAIN!!! Wow! It rained after the event for the entire rest of the day, but the race was dry!

A few other victories prevailed yesterday in personal accomplishments of the runners and participants. Amy Bonjour ran all the way without stopping and in much less time than she expected. That is a BIG DEAL! What a reason to celebrate!

There are so many stories worth telling from yesterday that I will have to save many for another day. God was very present and made Himself visible to Jason and me. As Jason was gathering the crowd and speaking to everyone before we began the race, we were reminded again of the mission we have to serve Him. A special song was playing on his Iphone/speaker set-up which conjured up a distinct focus on the glory of God. In fact, it's by Jeremy Riddle and it's called "God of all glory." It's one we heard the night of the Big Event with Global Orphan Project, where Jeremy Riddle played live. Awesome! No one else probably noticed, but I did! To stand next to Jason and listen as he OPENED HIS MOUTH for the speechless and told of the orphan crisis in the world, I could not have been more proud. What a faithful man I have to love and share life with......

After all the donations were counted, we had a grand total of $2680 just from the 5K. Praise God! Our up-to-date fund-raising total is $10,500. This has all come in, just since January. It's all His and will be used to serve His children in Uganda who are living homeless today and eating dirt and garbage to survive.

We will be sending His money to the "least of these" very soon! Very soon, 10-20 children will have a home and a mama. And we aren't done, yet. We have many more plans for the fatherless. We are hoping to partner with a few other wonderful people who have set up orphanages and charities. Plans are being made and details will be shared in the coming months. We have a big "plan-making" weekend set for the 1st weekend in June.

The two people standing next to the Global Orphan sign were the top male and top female runners. The top male runner received a generous golf prize from Excelsior Springs Golf Club, and the top female received $50 gift cards to Pottery Barn. Enjoy!

Jason was really huffing and puffing to get to the finish line in this shot. Looks like he lost a kid somewhere in the run......

This was the finish line and the man who stole the show with his unbelievable talent. He finished in 18 minutes! And, he had run 5K just before this, just to warm up! That makes me tired, just thinking about it!

My friend, who happens to be Evan's teacher, Angie Roeder (along with her son and husband) came out to show their support. Thanks, guys!

We had several people who chose to do the 1 mile run/walk. Lots of strollers and little ones running off their donut energy!

Here is a picture of Amy Bonjour and her friends who came to support her! Way to go, Amy!

This is a shot of Claire in her tu-tu, eating her 3rd muffin. She thought she was hiding behind this table, until Uncle Adam found her and got this picture!

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  1. Sounds like it went really well! I'm so glad and how awesome that the weather stayed nice for you. :)