Monday, May 24, 2010

Hard to believe

This past weekend, our family had a successful garage sale. All the left-overs (some of it is still pretty nice) is staring at me in the garage. I do not look forward to packing it all up. I will remember this if ever I get the urge to go shopping again.

We made about $300 from the sales of some furniture and lots of kids' clothes. If you count the donations, however, the total is more like $875. Yeah, that's not a typo.

My favorite story from the garage sale: an un-named friend (you know who you are) came by and shopped through our things this weekend. She brought the items to me to pay, and 75% of the items were things she'd given to me. There was no way I'd let her pay ME for her things! She pulled out her check-book and went on about how her kids had been saving for this cause and she had been keeping track in her check-book. When she handed me a check for $500, I was speechless. Okay, I wasn't speechless, because when I am in shock, I fill the void of silence with chattering. I was blown away once again (thank you, God) at the heart of our friend and the willingness to give so generously.

Another great story about giving: We are part of a "Radical" small group on Sunday nights. We are studying David Platt's "Radical" series. If you haven't ever heard of it, PLEASE LOOK IT UP! Just google David Platt Radical and look around. He speaks pure truth from the Bible and it is refreshing yet transforming. Anyway, last night we were enjoying the questions and answers that go along with the series, when the oldest son of the house (I think he just turned 11, but I could be off a year or two) decided to do something radical. He decided to give Jason and me the money he'd just received the day before for his birthday. When I understood what was happening, I nearly dropped to my knees. This little boy, who could go spend his birthday money on any number of toys or gadgets, chose to give it to us so we could give it to someone we've never seen. It was roughly $100, which is a fortune and can go really far for a little boy in the United States, and to infinity for little boys and girls who will receive the blessings of his giving.

Time is getting VERY close for Jason and I to hand over a large amount of money we've been saving and watching over for quite some time. It's really just ransom money if you think about it, and totally worth it. If these little ones come here and make our life more difficult than it is right now, let it be! After all, we are loving Jesus through this decision. It is HIS heart we desire to know. It is HIS heart we desire to show to others. It is HIS satisfaction we are seeking.

I'm rambling, but maybe it's because I'm "speechless" about these acts of loving kindness. Until another time, I thank God for His people who He is moving toward His purpose. I thank God for asking us to do His work and to be His hands and feet and mouth and eyes.

Good night!

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