Saturday, May 15, 2010

Too excited to sleep

The day has arrived. It's the day of our 5k race benefiting the Wilma Cook House of Hope! It's 4:30 AM and I'm way too excited to sleep.

We have had fewer people pre-register than expected, and some of the details are not what we had envisioned. However, I could not be more excited to do this today! Finally, I feel like I've discovered a way to honor God and help His children that DOES NOT FEEL LIKE WORK.

I was going through the details in my head (all day) yesterday. There is quite a lot to arrange when hosting a 5k: t-shirts, food donations, timer, volunteers, balloons, streamers, posters, lists, prizes, registrations, etc. Having been a participant in several other 5Ks, I realize that the details of our's are very am-mature. We are not in the business of hosting 5Ks.

In all the other races I've participated in, there have been fancy DJ's, fancy timers, fancy "goodie-bags." Last night when I looked at the popsicle sticks we are using for placing people and the IPhone/computer-speaker music combo Jason is using for our music, my heart smiled. I was filled with the most thrilling joy, as Evan prepared the name-tags for the runners today. We were able to have that fruitful conversation, once again, about why we are doing this. His heart has grown in this process, although it was probably closer to being in the right place than our's was to begin with!!! God reminded me, in a moment of humility, that this work is for Him.

I fully expected to be stressed over baking my dozens and dozens of muffins late last night, but I truly enjoyed it. In fact, not one moment of stress entered my world.

I pray that we are His hands and His feet today. May our work glorify Him and create blessings for His people that will multiply.

Pictures to come soon! Wish us luck!

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  1. JOB WELL DONE, RUST FAMILY. My heart rings with joy at what you attempt. I LOVE YOU ALL