Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter smiles

Our children got to experience their
first Easter-Egg hunt at our friends' house.
Sophie is the furthest on the left, next to Evan.
After Evan is our friend Avery and our very own Claire.
Thank you, Joey and Deana, for a great time!

We are at Mama Evelyn's house in this picture. The picture, itself, doesn't have much significance, except that I like it. My girls look so old!

Here is a look at a few of the precious moments on our Easter Sunday. This picture cracks us up.......Claire always has to throw in a goofy face for the camera. She still looks beautiful, though. Evan got to get another wear out of his wedding suit and Sophie is wearing the exact same dress this year as last! That's the way, Sophie, to save Mommy and Daddy a few bucks!
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  1. Such cute kiddos...and Claire is the SPITTING image of you. It's like a mini-Wendy...crazy and cute!! :)