Friday, July 2, 2010

In the air

Here's what I read on an email that just arrived in my in-box:

Dear Jason and Wendy,

Your dossier is now on its way to Ethiopia, and should arrive there in 3-4 business days (we'll let you know when it does). Congratulations! That puts you on the waiting list for a referral.

This is an email from our dossier case manager, who we've worked closely with for several months now. All those hours of hard work poured into the paperwork, all the hours spent earning and saving and scraping the ransom money, all the blessings from the various agencies (and family and friends) are up in the air on their way to Ethiopia as we speak!

There are few words that explain the feeling this puts on my heart today. I am relieved that we made it this far. I am excited to be that much closer to our children. I am in awe that God has allowed me live out this part of His plan.

Friends, read the following link to another mother's blog post before flying to pick up her children from Ethiopia. Heidi is so eloquent and completely, 100%, puts our thoughts into words. I hope it resonates with you. I pray that you allow God to break you and that you can begin to enjoy a new vision for your life.

I pray that Satan never again convinces me to live for ME.

May God's timing prevail. May our children, who He set aside for us, have His peace until we can bring them home. May the court system continue to work smoothly for the benefit of the children. May our family continue to grow closer to Jesus. May God be pleased with our hearts. May society never burden us with its expectations and vision for our lives.


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