Thursday, June 17, 2010

Reality Check

Okay, I have a heavy heart today. My heart is aching for the people in this world whose reality is so very different than mine. God continues to allow my heart to break for others, and I'm thankful. I believe I'd have less willingness to take the time and consider others' needs if not for my broken heart.

I ask that you watch this 19 minute clip of our friend, Erica, and her team in Sierra Leone, Africa. This is footage from her trip to the charity she founded and runs, called The Raining Season. The home in Africa is called The Covering. The staff there feeds, clothes, and ministers to 80 fatherless children. Many of the children who live in her home are very recent orphans from a ferry accident, where many many working fathers died.

Jason and I have committed our time and energy to help Erica and we look forward to many opportunities in the future. Take some time and look at these beautiful people and say a prayer that in the midst of their hopelessness that they find Jesus. I see Jesus when I look at them. Evan watched it with me yesterday and told me he thinks these people are beautiful. We had a fruitful conversation about how God doesn't make ugly people. All God's people are beautiful. We are longing to go and serve these people in person, and we look forward to doing just that as soon as we can bring our kids home from Ethiopia.

Here's the blog she keeps updated with information and stories from her home in Africa.


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