Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just Love Coffee

I'd like to extend an offer for some delicious coffee for a great cause.

Click on the link below to order coffee (some blends from Ethiopia!) to support our adoption. Just Love Coffee will give us $5 for every bag sold toward our adoption from Ethiopia. They also donate 10% of their yearly earnings to an Ethiopian orphanage where the owner adopted 2 girls in recent years. Jason and I have tasted the coffee and it is worth the money. We like The Roasterie coffee, and this is just as high-quality. The Tyrus Morgan CD and coffee package is a great deal, too. He's a talented musician and a good friend of our's. I know you'd enjoy his music.

We will be putting in a bulk order soon, so you can choose to order directly from the web site or you could pay me and get the bag right away from my home.

The money we make on this fund-raiser will go directly toward our travel expenses, which includes 4 round-trip tickets to Ethiopia and 2 one-ways. The adoption, itself, is paid for and ready to go (dossier is translated and sitting in the hands of our agency in Addis Ababa)----as soon as we get our referral (names and pictures of our new children). We are hopeful that will take place this winter.

Looking forward to a cold winter with some hot coffee!


P.S.: On a related side-note, Jason and I (along with Jeff and Jenny Rodgers and other friends) will be attending the Global Orphan Project "Big Event" this Saturday. I am hopeful that we will be able to finalize information regarding the 2 homes built in Uganda with the money raised last year for that cause. More information to come on that soon!

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